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Important Bankruptcy Information

In this section, you will find information that will help you understand the bankruptcy process. Please open the "pdf" documents and review them prior to attending your first meeting with our firm.

  • "Answers to Common Bankruptcy Questions." This will introduce you to the world of bankruptcy.
  • "Sec. 342(b) Notice - Notice to Individual Consumer Debtor." This is a government document that explains the various types of bankruptcy cases. It is included in the documents that you will sign when you file your bankruptcy case.
  • "Exempt Property under Texas Law." Your exempt property cannot be taken by creditors unless the creditor has a lien on or security interest in the property. Also, your exempt property is excluded from the bankruptcy estate. In Texas, you can also elect to take the Federal Exemptions. These will all be explained to you when you meet with me.
  • "Attorney - Client Contracts." Attached are sample contracts for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. These are here for you to review before signing.
  • "Important Need to Know List." This list explains everything you have to understand before we file your bankruptcy case. Please review carefully. If you feel you understand the items in the list, please sign the document on the second page. If you don't understand, don't sign it, and we'll discuss it when you meet with me.
  • You have to obtain pre-bankruptcy credit counseling before you file your case. Attached are the application information sheets for the two sources we use: "Abacus", and "InCharge." Abacus and InCharge are accessible from the internet. You will also have to participate in another credit counseling session before you get your discharge.
  • "Documents Needed." This list set forth the items and documents that you have to provide to us before we can file your case. Not all document requests applicable for you, and you can so designate on the form.

We hope by making these documents accessible to you that your case will be more productive.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above matters, please call us to schedule your FREE initial consultation and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

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We represent individuals in personal and business filings under Chapter 7 (liquidation), Chapter 11 (business reorganization), and Chapter 12 (farmer reorganization) of the Bankruptcy Code.

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